Our Focus

Our mission is to help our customers accelerate their scientific endeavors and quickly adapt to a rapidly changing world through innovation, flexibility, and the willingness to accept what is deemed difficult.


We are a life science company dedicated to manufacturing mission critical materials, chemicals, kits, and reagents as well as a provider of value-added services which enable scientific discovery, clinical testing, therapeutic development, STEM education, and innovative solutions across a wide platform of key applications from research to commercialization.

Foundational Pillars

Core values









Customer Commitment

We prioritize innovation and reliability to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that they can rely on to drive their scientific pursuits forward.


Through fostering an environment of respect and inclusion, we work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to achieve shared goals and mutual growth.


Upholding trust and integrity, we maintain transparent and open lines of communication, ensuring clarity and building strong relationships within our ecosystem.

Continuous improvement

Driven by accountability and persistence, we are dedicated to constant enhancement, refining our offerings and processes to better serve the evolving needs of our customers and the scientific community.

The MARKETS We Serve

From manufacturing mission-critical materials, chemicals, kits, and reagents to providing solutions and value-added services, we aim to play an instrumental role in accelerating research, enabling therapeutic developments, and inspiring future generations through STEM education.

Clinical Research
Clinical Research
Lab Testing
Lab Testing
Science Education
Science Education

Portfolio Spotlight

For nearly 60 years, Aldon Corporation has been a leading private label chemical manufacturer and distributor of laboratory chemicals and kitting solutions servicing a wide range of industries with market-defining solutions and expertise. The company offers over 2,000 different chemical products in 13,000 sizes and configurations with tailored, customizable chemical solutions for its customers across the laboratory, healthcare, education, and other markets. Building on a legacy of educating and propelling scientists since 1964, we've grown a reputation as the supplier who gets it done right.

Based in Greater Rochester, NY

ISO 9001:2015 certified

Full suite of liquid and powder blending capabilities scaled to fit your total volume needs.

Automated Fill and Finish capabilities for liquid and powders across a wide range of packaging sizes and container types.

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